Hospitality Consultation

Selling rare and vintage whiskey in your bar or restaurant is a different business than selling cocktails. We're here to help with pricing, selections, and sourcing. Please contact us for information about succeeding in rare and vintage whiskey sales.



It is very rare that an existing hospitality business can create a new profit center without altering their space or identity. Rare and vintage whiskey is a unique exception to that rule. It isn't quite as easy as putting a dusty old bottle on the menu, but we're here to help guide you through the process of menu creation, proper storage, presentation and outward growth to maximize the leverage of your existing business with our knowledge and access.


The world of interest in rare and vintage whiskey is growing by the day, but the access and knowledge required to enter the niche aren't nearly as easy to nail down. Locating reputable sources with solid provenance, reputation, and continued supply can be an almost fruitless effort if the right relationships aren't in place. This is where we step in.

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