Training Methodology

Our training methodology presents whiskey without an emphasis on a brand, but rather with an agnostic view of whiskey and an emphasis on the history, significance and delivery of each type of whiskey and each label on your menu. Please contact us for more info about training your staff.



Excellent guest interaction in the hospitality industry breeds success, and that's what we aim to accomplish with your staff. Using our deep and broad knowledge base, we will build out a custom training program for your staff to include the similarities and differences of each kind of whiskey as well as the significance of the labels on your menu to be coupled with the proper etiquette for serving whiskey.


To accomplish this success, we will employ custom leave-behinds with both general information as well as specific information for your business. Depending on the needs of your business and interest, training engagements can include the whiskey tasting to be conducted fully in a classroom style.. We will also expand or condense our training to fit your business needs. We will travel to conduct training anywhere in the U.S. and can provide references.

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