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Do you want to build the most epic bourbon collection in the world? We're here to help with history, significance, sourcing and experience. Please contact us for more information about building your collection.



The world of interest in rare and vintage whiskey is growing by the day, but the access and knowledge required to enter the niche aren’t nearly as easy to nail down. Locating reputable sources with solid provenance, reputation and continued supply can be an almost fruitless effort if the right relationships aren’t in place. This is where we step in.


One of the most daunting tasks in the collecting world is knowing enough about your hobby to protect yourself while you invest time and money. This presents many questions and opportunities to both win and lose on your journey down the rabbit hole of bourbon. This is where we come in to help, to take the questions out of the equation. Using our broad knowledge base and our unique access to supply, we can help you grow your collection into your dream all the while knowing that each item is legitimate and 100% guaranteed.

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