Where Can I Sell My Whiskey?

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Where Can I Sell My Whiskey?

Selling your bourbon

Opportunities to sell whiskey or other spirits varies from state to state. Personal property laws are often vague, at best. The safest route is usually through a reputable auction house. Selling through an auction house will usually cost a premium in the range of 20% of the sale price to the seller, but will also yield you a check if your bottle or bottles sell.

I don’t want to sell through an auction house. Where else can I sell my whiskey?

There are many other options to sell your whiskey, each of which carries different risks. Some states heavily enforce license requirements to sell liquor and can setup sting operations based on listings Craigslist and other open forums. Some states allow for sale to your local liquor store.

If you choose to use Craigslist or another open forum for selling your whiskey, you should understand that all deals are based on integrity. The code of conduct or rules for entry aren’t really enforceable beyond kicking someone out of the group. These forums cannot get your whiskey back or your money back, so trust and safety are paramount.

How will I get paid if I sell my whiskey to someone online?

The common forms of payment are electronic payment, but sometimes folks will send a money order or a check.

Should I ship my bottle before I get paid?

Absolutely not. If an interested party requires that of you then you are likely to be scammed.

Are there other options for selling my whiskey?

Sure. Folks like us always interested in buying whiskey.

How will I know what my whiskey is worth and if someone is taking advantage of me?

The first course of action is to use the Google. Unfortunately, the value of a bottle can vary GREATLY if there is a 10-year difference in the dating of the bottle. Value is also condition sensitive for the labels, capsules, strip seals and fill-levels. A good partner in a deal will disclose to you a FMV (fair market value) for the whiskey and provide reference points and make you an offer based on them.

How will I know which offer to take if I have more than one?

Take the offer from the individual that you feel like you trust the most. It isn’t always about the bottom-line figure in an offer but is often more about who you are doing business with. You ultimately want to get paid and if you don’t trust the person you’re dealing with, it seems less likely that a transaction is going to go very smoothly. If we can provide any assistance, please contact us.