Can I Make Whiskey At Home?

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March 5, 2016
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Can I Make Whiskey At Home?

Making Whiskey at Home


Making whiskey is EXTREMELY dangerous! One needs to look no further than the history of so many distilleries to see that they often involve fire. To make whiskey, one is essentially cooking flammable materials and then storing highly flammable materials close to an area where they are cooking flammable materials.

Well, I want to make my own whiskey, how can I do that?

This is pretty common among enthusiasts. The easiest way is to buy a home barrel kit like one on this link from Wasmunds. This will allow you to put what is called new-make whiskey into a small barrel at your house so you can taste it while it ages and you can decide when to take it out of the oak and drink it! You can also reuse the barrel several more times if you want to buy White Dog products from companies like Buffalo Trace or other distillers that bottle it.

What if I want to mix some whiskies I like?

Well, we call that vatting. To vat a couple different whiskies, you would want a glass or crystal decanter to pour the different parts of your recipe in and then you’ll want to decide how long you want to let mingle before you drink. A very popular vat is called Poor Man’s Pappy and is a mix Weller Special Reserve 90-proof and Old Weller Antique 107-proof. They are both wheated bourbons made by Buffalo Trace and they are from the same mashbill that the current Pappy Van Winkle product comes from. The balance you’d want to use to execute this experiment just depends on what proof and complexion you’d like you your whiskey to be at when you drink it. I recommend lots of experiments!